Brad Roemer Says Home Price Hikes are Inevitable in Coachella Valley

Are you really a California girl if you don’t take the time to venture down to Coachella for the annual Instagram-soaked event? If you look up Instagram’s Coachella hashtag, you’ll see almost four million posts from this uber-cool celebrity-infused two-week weekend of music and art. What’s great about the popularity of festivals is that they bring the Hollywood-elite venturing down those streets, allowing for real estate to pick up in that corner of the town. Coachella is near the city of Indio and Palm Springs in California, in which home buyers who decide to put their property on sell can expect an 11% increase in income.


Expert Realtor Advice on the Music Festival Bandwagon


Who else is better to go to than an expert in the field himself, Brad Roemer. Although his area is mainly dedicated to Oakland, California, he has great experience in the San Francisco Bay area and so we thought it would be nice to pick his brain concerning the manifestation of music festivals and their relation to property sale hikes. Before the Coachella festival, he told us that Coachella Valley was but a deserted sprawl of land that not many people paid much attention to except for those renegades that wished for a quiet space outside of the city. It’s not uncommon for Brad Roemer and his team of realtors to get questions from their past elite clients who have a home in San Francisco and are inquiring about launching their second home in the Coachella valley.


They’re First There for the Event


Most people who have attended the concert, as Beyonce’s one-of-a-kind concert literally had a marching band on the stage as she walked down the elevated catwalk to her stage and alterior ego, are there for the fame, music and getaway train it provides its attendees. You become enthralled by the music and the celebrity-access, only to realize that the scenery you are enveloped in really is holistic and dreamy. Most of the attendees are there for the event, but when they think back to the weekend they spent camping out under the starry night sky, dancing around in their Betty Dukes as the firey music lit up the fervid air, they realize that a place like Coachella is actually perfect for the weekends. Why stay so close to the city when sometimes you need to get out of town and retrieve back to your origins?


Household Price Hikes in Coachella Valley are Inevitable


So who exactly makes the purchases of these far-out-west homes? They’re likely middle-aged folks, claimed Roemer. Those who are around forty or fifty years old or else rich Millennials who secure this lucrative real estate and rent it out when they’re not in town. When the time is right, after a few more years of the market getting more saturated, this Millennials will decide to sell off their small abode for a substantial gain. This is common when they decide to get married and buy a practical home of their own near work, such as in LA or San Francisco.

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